New Year! – Is 2018 going to be your best year?

New Year is always a good time for a fresh start. I’ll avoid the typical talk of resolutions because the majority of them fall by the wayside after a few weeks. I have done resolutions and failed at them many times.

Every year I try to make time to evaluate myself and see how I can do things better, this year is no different. In many ways, 2017 is a year of good and bad for me. I got married (good) but had to handle lots of negatives. I am sure for you too each year that goes by holds a bittersweet place in our lives.

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This is your Journey.

Life is short. Time is limited. Don’t waste anytime pursuing goals and aims to please someone else or make choices on the opinion of others.

You decide.
You have one life, make sure you live it on purpose.

3 reasons I stopped giving a damn what people think

For years I struggled with what other people thought of me, how I dressed, what I said and what I did were all subjected to the scrutiny of what I thought other people thought. Fast forward to today and I can see how I tortured myself emotionally and sabotaged my future.

I now have removed this from my life and these are my reasons why you should do the same…

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