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How we generated 250 leads in 20 days

How we generated 250 leads in 20 days

Everyone wants more customers. We recently took a call from a client who asked us to “send us less leads”. It was a really interesting experience as we had never had that before. We had been running this particular campaign for a client in the legal industry and as a result of a high performing campaign had been deluged with leads and needed to slow down the campaign so they could catch up.

In this project, we had a lead conversion (lead to client) of 75% which is an incredible result. Most would hope for 20%. Suffice to say our client was very pleased.  But how did we generate 250 leads in 20 days?

We defined the outcome

It is really easy to overload a campaign. Too many options, too many distractions. In any campaign there must be a defined and clear outcome. You can have secondary objectives, but they are just that, secondary! Campaigns which are too complicated dilute the results.

Often campaigns start simple and complexity is added by changing design, beefing up copy and over thinking. In our recent campaign the outcome was leads which would convert into a client. Brand awareness and website traffic were secondary. Sure, getting high traffic to the website is a great goal and will pay off in the long term, our remit was ‘leads which convert’ which resulted marketing to a smaller crowd who are ready to commit to becoming a client.

In this campaign we had a really clear objective, find people who are interested in our clients service and create an engaging reason for them to register their interest.

We took time to understand the clients offer

Without knowing our clients business it is impossible to create and manage a campaign which will generate high quality leads. Our team worked hard to understand the clients offer and the type of client they are looking for.

Understanding our clients process and offering in the market allowed us to find the best audience for them. In any campaign there is always a percentage of ‘dud’ enquiries, people who are not really interested or misunderstood the offering. We spent a lot of time working with the client to understand their offer and their ideal customer.

We researched and found the best touch point.

It’s so easy to fall in love with a method of platform or process. In any campaign the touch point should always be centred around the best place for the prospective client. As the Internet has matured it too has become saturated and overcrowded.  In many cases the best campaign is one which connects with people who have a need but is not necessarily on the top of their agenda. This usually means they haven’t shopped around and you are the first person to make contact. Being the first person to reach them has a competitive advantage as in many cases you can offer something which a good percentage of enquirers will go straight to purchase.

Touch points / connection points are really important as without understanding of the people you want to reach you can waste time building metaphorical shop front on a street your prospective customers don’t visit.

We integrated the campaign into their business process.

Every campaign needs a process. In our case, we had to create a touch point which engaged and took the prospective client on a journey which eventually led to a registration of interest. Once the interest was registered our client made contact and converted the lead. A seamless process in any marketing campaign is essential with prompt follow up. Weak follow up will result in leads losing interest and will drive down conversions.

We tested and tweaked through the life of the campaign.

Whenever we start a campaign the first few days we test and monitor thoroughly. In the campaign we just completed we had 7 or 8 different variations on the campaign some of which performed well and others not so well. The important part was testing and adjusting to achieve the best possible return for the client.

The big thing everyone needs to remember is marketing campaigns need lots of attention, trends, behaviours and attitudes change fast. Our client’s campaign was under frequent testing and tweaking through the whole 20 day period to ensure we maximised their performance and budget.

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Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon

I've worked with some amazing companies from start ups to multi-nationals. I've also guest lectured at Universities in the UK. I'm the maverick that helps business solve their No 1 problem; How to convince more customers to buy.
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