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Forget Good to Great this is better.

Forget Good to Great this is better.

In the highly subjective world in which I live, there is a perfectionist and an opinion on every corner.

In my world I have three threats to getting the job done. I want to talk about one of them because this one in particular transcends my industry and applies to all walks of life.

The threat is moving targets or mission creep.

Mission Creep: A gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment.

We get engrossed on making this thing awesome and neglect something else. We want this specific thing to be ‘just right’ which is often to the detriment of the overall objective.

Mission Creep, if not controlled will run over budget, past deadline and not achieve the original goal.

Mission Creep happens to the best of us.

  • That DIY project that got bigger and two years later isn’t finished.
  • That website you still haven’t launched because it isn’t right yet. Meanwhile you have no website.
  • That business you plan to launch but haven’t got it all worked out yet.

I often tell people I will write a book. I have already thought of the title…

Shit to Good

Shit to Good is a play on words from the famous book Good to Great. Often I meet people and they tell me how good the book is but the principles haven’t got them to greatness just yet.

I’ve found that pursuit of greatness is filled with opportunities for Mission Creep. So, I highly recommend deploying the Shit to Good strategy instead.

Shit to Good is about accepting its not always going to be perfect. It’s about removing subjectivity and pursuing an outcome even if the outcome is only ‘good’.

I am not talking about lowering your aims, just breaking them down into clear bite-sized ‘good’ chunks.

So write down what is shit and work on making it good.

Sometimes things are a bit shit. But, if you focus on fixing the shit and making it good you have a clear goal of improvement.

Eliminate the Shit and grow the good. Your perception of shit will change as you grow the good. Yesterdays good will become tomorrows shit.

Greatness changes too, it’s a moving target that can’t quite be reached. It is a miserable road pursuing greatness. You reach the top of the mountain or so you think and then see another peak a bit higher.

Greatness is a moving target.

Perfect is a moving target.

Solving shit is quite rewarding.

Get a specific objective, not a subjective one.

Avoid mission creep.

Have a stationary target.

Adopt the Shit to Good Strategy.

Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon

I've worked with some amazing companies from start ups to multi-nationals. I've also guest lectured at Universities in the UK. I'm the maverick that helps business solve their No 1 problem; How to convince more customers to buy.
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