Forget Good to Great this is better.

In the highly subjective world in which I live, there is a perfectionist and an opinion on every corner.

In my world I have three threats to getting the job done. I want to talk about one of them because this one in particular transcends my industry and applies to all walks of life.

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3 reasons I stopped giving a damn what people think

For years I struggled with what other people thought of me, how I dressed, what I said and what I did were all subjected to the scrutiny of what I thought other people thought. Fast forward to today and I can see how I tortured myself emotionally and sabotaged my future.

I now have removed this from my life and these are my reasons why you should do the same…

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The number one marketing tip

We all want that hidden tip that will propel our product, brand or service to become world-leading. Well assuming you have something of substance and standard to sell I want to share with you the number one marketing tip.

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Kill your Sacred Cows

I have consulted with many clients. Almost 50% of my time is now focused on consulting with clients face-to-face or over video chat. I really enjoy advising and supporting clients as they look to grow and develop their business and their brand.

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