Your attitude determines your altitude

I love quotes. I love sharing them. I love reading them and I love trying to live them.

A good quote has the power to capture a life lesson in to a few words which have been put together. The words may be easy but the life lesson can be much harder to accept and apply.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. – Zig Ziglar

I am sure, like me, you have seen or read this quote many times. Last night I read this quote from a completely different perspective. On face value this quote talks about our attitude, our approach, our outlook, our way of thinking determines how high or how far we can go.

My realisation is that this quote and life lesson and apply to our challenges and problems too. How we look at our setbacks and how we respond to them can equally determine our rate of descent. If things are not going well, how we handle it, can either prevent things from getting worse or speed up the development of the problem.

Having been in business since I was 16, I have had to take a number of risks, some of which were calculated and some weren’t (that’s another post). But I have been through the place where my attitude wasn’t right and I helped make my challenges more difficult. Equally, I have seen and experienced many challenges which seemed insurmountable, which with a good outlook and attitude turned out fine.

The last three years have seen significant upheaval for me. Lots of changes, some good and some bad. I had to leave some fond memories and people behind to pursue new projects. Life is a process of transition, everything is constantly changing. During my transition I had lots of challenges, lots of complications and a considerable amount of uncertainty. Moving into 2016, I am certain more than ever, despite whatever comes; the good, the bad and the ugly, how we respond to things determines their outcome.