Have a bit of class…

Have a bit of class…

I find it rather amusing when you meet people in your business life who behave like children.

For some reason I thought we left the playground behind in our teenage years. Bitching, backbiting and passive aggressive behaviour just won’t wash with me. I find it childish and honestly think (and this is coming from a working-class northerner) we need to act with a little bit of class.

I recently heard of a business who was verbally abused by a supplier because they shared their intentions to change suppliers. Come on guys, grow up, we are adults. When people resort to low tactics, it really isn’t an encouraging sign, it means they have nothing left to say or offer.

Starting a business we are all keen to win new business. We all want a new client. New work, new contacts it is the lifeblood of a business. BUT beware the eager new client who spits out venom about your competition. It would be so easy to add fuel to the fire and criticise your competitors. BUT whatever you do, DON’T. It’s not very classy and very unprofessional. We’d all love to believe that our competition is useless but the truth is they are competition for a reason. New clients who are aggressively negative about your competition obviously had a bad experience BUT sometimes the new client can be the problem.

If you have someone within your organisation who is negative about competitors, knock it out of them (not literally). There is a certain finesse about people who don’t dive into the gutter. That finesse or class works well as a marketing tool. Those who do engage in bitching and negativity about competitors in the end show themselves up.

Bitching is for the playground, beware the people who play those games. No class.

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