Do you really care about customers or do you just want their money?

Do you really care about customers or do you just want their money?

ourCustomersI’ve been guilty of looking for a quick buck! Let’s be honest for a moment, we all want more customers and we all want their money but do you really care about customers? In times past, I have made the error of wanting customers to solve my problem. I’ve needed their money or I have a product I want to sell quickly. In studying some of the most successful businesses you see that whilst they massed large amounts of money from their customers, their first priority was to solve their customers problems, not their own.

Our value as individuals in the working world is determined not by our degree or professional qualifications, it is by the problems we solve. Getting a new job and winning a new customer are the same, hiring or buying based just on price will always end in tears.

We all worry about getting money, but if that is our reasoning to gain customers, the whole buying process will be tainted by our need/greed and our service will be affected. If you have an idea which can solve a real problem, you can communicate about it well and  you can deliver that service or product in a great way, money will not be a problem.

So do you really love your customers?

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