Celebrate the good…

productHave you ever bought one of those model kits? You know the ones where you have stickers and glue and have the challenge of popping all the pieces out of a plastic frame and making an aircraft or boat? I remember as a child watching my brother build one. He’d take hours making sure it was glued correctly and the stickers were just perfect.

I tried to have ago for myself years later. I bought the set, read all the instructions and diligently tried to build this model. After a few hours and a steep learning curve, it was finished. I looked at all finished and realised it wasn’t as good as I hoped. I could see where the glue and some of the stickers were not straight at all. I was utterly disappointed.

You know the famous quote “good is the enemy of great” well for me, “great was the enemy of good” instead of marking my achievement at building a model for the first time. I was critical of it and disappointed.

Greatness takes time and skill, so sometimes you have to accept good is OK. You’ll here speeches from numerous motivational people who say don’t settle for good, reach for greatness. The problem with that probably the vast proportion of things we do are average, OK or just good.

Good is OK! Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to accept things are good, sometimes great is out of reach. I am in no way advocating being complacent, but if you only celebrate your great achievements, you may only have a party a couple of times in your life. Celebrate the good.


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