“Ain’t no thing like me, except me!” – Guardians of the Galaxy

I love the new Guardians of the Galaxy film. It’s Sci-fi, it’s funny and it’s a throw back to the 80’s.

Rocket is an interesting character. Small, furry and almost pet-like. It just goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover as he is an engineering mastermind. In one scene be hatches and escape plan from Prison which is nothing short of genius.

At the same time as being a genius engineer he also is totally insecure about being a Racoon or whatever he is.

Back to reality now, equally it is true that we should never underestimate people because of how we perceive them. Racoon or otherwise. Someone who looks like a nobody could be the next world changer.

It’s also possible that the sharp suit, signs of success and confidence cover someone who is has nothing to offer. So many people pretend and copy other people when if they would just be themselves they may have a chance of getting on in life. Be who you are and do what you are good at.

So remember “Ain’t no thing like me, except me!”

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