How to achieve your goals.

I learned about this trick for achieving goals from a brilliant guy, Brian Tracy. Brian is an expert in business sales and self-development. You can find many of his videos on YouTube and I recommend them to you.

The big problem with setting goals is being able to remember to keep them. So here is my step by step guide learned from Brian.

My experience of goal setting has been amazingly productive and has focused my energy and mind to really work to achieve what is important to me.

Write don’t type.

There is something very powerful about writing your goals, aims and objectives down on paper. Evernote and other apps which help you note things down on the go are brilliant but writing things down has been proven to be a more effective way to be able to remember what you have noted down.Each week, try to re-write your goals.

Re-write them often.

When I learned to drive, I was taught the following rule “what you focus on, is where you will go”. This rule seems to apply to every aspect of life, not just behind the wheel of a car. Focus and make your goals a prominent aspect of you thoughts and it will influence your outlook and decision-making. I did this exercise in 2011 and wrote down my goals in detail, quantified and specific. I did this over and over throughout the year. The benefit of doing this, is that it firmly places these goals into our subconscious. Our minds behind the scenes are working away on these and this influences our daily behavior.

Make small steps daily.

If we can all make one tiny step each day towards achieving one or all of our goals, by the end of the year, we will have made huge progress. If we can make huge progress in a whole year. Very often people at this time of year set very ambitious goals but then try to make giant leaps toward the goals in a small time span. We are creatures of comfort and whilst taking massive action can be good, it takes enormous willpower which often cannot be sustained over a longer period of time. Little steps every day will be easier to achieve and you a setback can easily be overcome.

Milestones and the Snowball effect.

The snowball effect we have all seen at some point. You start with a handful of snow and roll it around on the ground until it gets bigger and bigger. This is true for our goals. It starts with little steps but then momentum begins to work for you and your progress accelerates, so that day by day for progress is more significant.

If you are trying to grow your income, it could be really tough to gain the first £5000 of extra income, but the next £10,000 could be much easier. Using the snowball analogy, eventually that small piece of snow might get really big and heavy. It’s at those times you have to muster every bit of strength to move that snowball. By this time though, your progress has been so significant, you are achieving 10 times more than you were when you started out. Sometimes there are glass ceilings you have to just smash through. In business there are milestones and challenges which seem tough barriers to break. Some of the barriers you have to break require huge amounts of energy, drive and determination. Some goals get easier to achieve as you pass certain milestones. It’s easier for a business turning over £100,000 to grow their sales by £10,000, than for a start-up business to get their first £10,000 of sales. Some Milestones seem to have an Ogre with them that doesn’t want to let you pass.

Shoot for the stars and land on the moon.

I listed my goals down in January 2011, after about 6 months or so, I forgot about the routine of writing my goals. Over the Christmas period of 2011, I opened up my notebook and began looking at the goals. As I went through them, I realised that, despite neglecting the goals after a few months, I had hit or came close to achieving them all. Sometimes it makes sense to shoot for the stars, because we know, at the very worst we will hit the moon. Remember, what you focus on is where you will go. If we are not fully focused, we may make incredible progress but fall short of the actual goal. Sometimes it’s good to set the goal a little higher.

Good luck.

Forget instant results…it’s all about the journey.

With all the personal connectivity we have these days it’s impossible to keep up with the posts, tweets, private messages, friend requests, connection requests, emails, sms, phone calls and letters. We all exist in an age of communication overload.

Because the world has become instant, it is easy to get offended if someone doesn’t reply to your SMS, call you back or email. I am guilty of this myself, getting frustrated when people don’t respond fast enough, but more so, I am just as guilty of not getting back to people. Sometimes there is just too much going on to keep up. Anyone else get that feeling sometimes?

I think history will look back on this time as the Instant Age. Just like our communication, our expectations have become more immediate, requiring instant gratification and immediate results.

Instant messages, instant emails, same-day delivery we even have instant meals. Our society has come to value and demand things faster and in some cases does not appreciate things which take time. I was in a fast-food restaurant recently and I was feeling dissatisfied after waiting 3 minutes, when did things get so instant?

In times gone if someone wanted a new item of furniture or to make a significant purchase, it would be expected that they would save for it. Today, we buy it on credit with convenient monthly payments. In it is the same in achievement, many people who have built successful careers have worked hard for many years, struggled and battled through to achieve success. Reality TV series like X Factor and Britain’s got Talent are all offering instant success further perpetuating the instant results, quick fix culture we seem to be developing.

There are good and bad aspects of the progression and development of a quick fix culture. The downsides are that we diminish the value of a journey. It can be good for us to work and struggle to reach or obtain something can build inner character and help us value achievement.

Saving is a discipline which will prove fruitful in your life, if you can master it. Instant results and instant fixes can short cut us to our destination but at the same time can bypass the necessary things we need to learn to make that destination a home, rather than just a two-week holiday.

Jayson DeMers in his article ” 7 Reasons You Won’t Ever Be Succesful” says….

Tasks that you can complete in a day or two, and that have immediate payoff are AWESOME. Addictive, even.

But every successful entrepreneur knows that in order to build something strong and sustainable, you have to invest time now; and the results often don’t manifest themselves for years.

If you can’t deal with that, you simply aren’t thinking long-term enough. If you can only think about short-term rewards like what your next paycheck will look like because of work you did this week, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals.

I strongly recommend you read his very interesting and insightful article.

2 reasons why the Journey is important.

  • The person you are at the beginning and the person at the arrival point are completely different. Your journey grows you and prepares you for arrival.
  • Easy come, easy go. What we come by easily, we tend not to value as highly.

A famous speaker was once asked “How did you become an overnight success?” the speaker replied graciously “I had been working to become an overnight success for 30 years”.

Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

Most long-lasting businesses, projects or achievements take time. The journey is the training course for your successes to have longevity. Enjoyable or painful, make the most of your journey.

What I have learned about debt

financial-debtHaving been through the mill of having the shackles of debt. I thought I would write-up my experiences of debt so that it will give you some pointers about when to use it and how to handle it. My experience with debt on the whole has been unpleasant, when I started my first business, I didn’t understand money or debt very well.

I have made all the mistakes, borrowing to get a new car, borrowing for luxuries and borrowing to fund a lifestyle. I have made most of the debt mistakes and borne most of the consequences.

Here is what I have learned…

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