New Year! – Is 2018 going to be your best year?

New Year! – Is 2018 going to be your best year?

New Year is always a good time for a fresh start. I’ll avoid the typical talk of resolutions because the majority of them fall by the wayside after a few weeks. I have done resolutions and failed at them many times.

Every year I try to make time to evaluate myself and see how I can do things better, this year is no different. In many ways, 2017 is a year of good and bad for me. I got married (good) but had to handle lots of negatives. I am sure for you too each year that goes by holds a bittersweet place in our lives.

In many ways, we start a new year with unrealistic optimism. The calendar resetting at 1st Jan has created a space in our culture to ‘start-over’, but why do we expect it to be any different? Our situation is the same as on 31st December.

We expect the year to go better than the last, we expect our willpower and situations to be different and yet, each year is built upon another. 2018 is the outcomes of 2017. Just simply declaring a new day doesn’t mean it will happen.

I can’t help wondering if some of the resolutions made in the last 24 hours might last longer if they were set more realistically and fit our personal traits better. Trying to make dramatic changes because of a momentary decision is so difficult because we are creatures of habit. To change bad habits you have to replace them with better ones. Not an easy task.

In reality, the best resolution we can have coming out of 2017 is busting a gut in 2018 so that we can reap the benefits in 2019. It may take us a year to deal with the bad habits and replace them with better ones. So in reality, the best year comes not in the new year but the following year.

All great things achieved required pain and hard slog. Joining the gym to get fit at the peak of your new year optimism will only achieve something if you see it through in February, March and all the way to December 2018. So the new you only really appears in 2019, because through 2018 you were trying to kill off the old you, you were in transition in 2018 for a better 2019.

This year, I am not falling into the trap of being swept away with new year goals, instead, I am writing up my new year plan. A list of actions that will get me through 2018 to a brighter and better 2019. So 2018 is my year of transition, a year of work and pain and hard graft to make 2019 my best year ever.

Happy New Year.



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