Are you ready for the crap that comes with growth?

Are you ready for the crap that comes with growth?

So you want to grow. You know your business has scope and potential to grow. But are you ready for the pain that you have to go through to grow?

Whenever I meet business owners there is tonnes and tonnes of enthusiasm for the growth but not so much eagerness or a glossing over the problems and pain of taking it to the next level.

So what are you getting yourself into?

The bigger you grow the bigger the problems will be. The truth is growth gives you a new set of problems. You will never escape problems. It is a fact of life. The sad thing is some people are never prepared for the problems that come with growth.

The bigger you grow the slower you go. The bigger you build the more people you will have and as such what takes you 5 minutes now takes someone else 7 minutes. Processes that make things work at a larger scale inevitably mean you sacrifice some of your agility.

The bigger you grow the bigger your beast is to feed. You have to be prepared to move from £000’s to £0000’s. The same tactics that bootstrapped you to your first million won’t work to take you to your second. You need more food to feed the machine. That means creating more sales at a lower acquisition. The artist has to become a production line.

Before you push for growth you have to be prepared to accept that you will not be moving into a paradise you will be trading different problems. Increasing sales means increasing people, increasing problems but increasing profits!!!

It’s a harsh truth…. but it is the truth.

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